In this area, Ibáñez Parkman, S. C. renders the following services:

Counseling and lawsuits arising from national and international public bids.

Filing of lawsuits with respect to the constitutionality of expropriation decrees, as well as to obtain the economic consideration arising from same.

Legal regulation of the Mexican Official Standards, the Mexican Standards, real estate development (use of land, regularization of constructions, construction permits), expropriations before the Federal District Government, among others.

Counseling on real estate development by means of the structuring, negotiation and implementation of operations related to real estate for commercial, tourism or residential use (both in urban as well as in rural areas), as well as in all matters linked to developments, condominiums, subdivisions and zoning, mentioning for said purpose the following services:

Search for background in the Public Property Registry and National Agrarian Registry.

- Use of land.

- Preferential and easement rights.

- Work Agreements

- Improvement and change of real estate agreements.

- Interposition of resources before the various administrative and local authorities, both local as well as federal.

- Transaction of procedures for annulment and administrative litigations before the Federal Court of Tax and Administrative and the local Courts of Administrative litigations (see Federal Law).

- Promotion and follow-up on trials competency of the Agrarian Courts.

- Appeal claims against laws and actions of the administrative authorit