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María Guadalupe Ramírez Rojas

Miscellaneous Information:

Graduated in Law  from the Justo Sierra University Cultural Center, 1995-2000.

She carried out her social service in the Prosecution of Crimes Committed by the Public Servants of the Institution (FESPI) where she worked a year learning to litigate the criminal matter.

She worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Directorate of Protection Policies and Consular Affairs specifically in the Area of Analysis and Perspective where she was in charge of reviewing all the initiatives presented in the United States regarding the rights of immigrants, she collaborated there for one year.

She worked in several law firms where she obtained experience in the litigation of civil, family matters and in the last five years she was litigating the labor matter where she have experience in negotiation in the termination of labor relations, review and elaboration of contracts for a determined and indeterminate time, attention of judgments.


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