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Mauricio Lievana

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Mauricio Liévana, LL.B. is a graduate of Universidad del Valle de México (2010) in which he was also assistant lecturer on Administrative and Fiscal Law for 1 year.

He is also a LL.M. graduate of the University of Aberdeen where he concluded his Master´s degree in Climate Change Law and Sustainable Development in 2014.

Mauricio entered public practice by working at the Federal Tribunal of Fiscal and Administrative Justice in Mexico City when he was still an undergraduate student, and after a year he entered in private practice, where he was involved in several major fiscal, administrative and tax litigation cases.

Nowadays Mauricio is part of the litigation department at Ibáñez Parkman, and his responsibilities include handling different civil, administrative, commerce, energy, telecommunications and environmental disputes; as well as consulting services regarding money laundering prevention.

Languages: Spanish and English




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