1.- Service to public and private companies and organizations, giving legal consultancy, legal support, relief of consultation and research on topics related to works, goods, and services offered by the Mexican federal, state and municipal government (public work, acquisitions, leasing, and services) and in special projects (financed public work, long term hiring under “PIDIREGAS”, “LLAVE EN MANO”, “BOT”, and “BLT”, recoverable private investment, public projects with international financial assets resources, and foreign credits).

2.- Attention to specific consultations on the application of legal dispositions in everything regarding the different kinds of contracting done by the federal, state, or municipal government.

3.- Legal consultancy and support during the elaboration of proposals for participating in public contracting procedures (public bids, restricted invitations or direct awards).

4.- Legal consultancy during public bid procedures.

5.- Attention to administrative inconformity procedures and administrative resources foreseen for the different contracting procedures.

6.- Attention to specific consultations regarding situations that entail contracts’ modifications.

7.- Participation in the preparation, presentation, and monitoring of complaints due to variations in the contractual conditions, in contractual instances (alternative mechanisms of settlement of disputes) and administrative instances (conciliation before revising authority).

8.- Complete substantiation of litigious procedures for the settlement of disputes.

9.- Legal consultancy and support in matters regarding the carrying out of the contracts, between the parties and with third parties involved due to the kind of activities object of the contract, paying attention to the corporate, fiscal, labor, and contractual aspects that the contractor or supplier company has to attend while developing the activities object of the contracting.

10.- Attention to administrative procedures regarding the responsibility of public servers, giving legal consultancy and support to public government employees in the administrative and litigious stages (administrative resources, administrative litigious lawsuit, appeal for legal protection, penal trial).

11.- Attention to consultations regarding the application and interpretation of legal dispositions that have to do with the performance of public servers.