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Carlos Alfonso Sandoval Miranda

Miscellaneous Information:

Graduated from the Degree in Agricultural Engineering by the UNAM (FES-Cuautitlán). Specialist in Valuation by the University of Zacatecas. Master in Real Estate Development by the ITAM and the Polytechnic of Madrid. Postgraduate studies in financial engineering, administration, marketing and territorial development. Graduated from the Harvard Business School in Senior Management (IPADE).

Professional activities:

· Consultancy and Professional Management in Legal Engineering through the PARAMETRIX Group, SC., For more than 25 years.

· Research, Development and Training through the National Agricultural and Forestry Appraisal Institute AC, the Research and Innovation Research Center of Valuation for Latin America SC (CEIITVAL), the Mexican Association of Rights of Way AC and IRWA Chapter 85 AC (International Association of Rights of Way, for its acronym in English), for over 18 years.

· Research, Development and Production using integral schemes, with high social content, today through the FRUTAS Y FRUTOS MEXICANOS, SA CV Group, for 10 years.


• Manual of Agricultural Constructions, 1997.

• Proposal on the modifications to the Mexican legislation for the contracting of Rights of Way (DDV), a document made in an integral way with the CFE and the Colegio de México (2009).

• Author of the book "The Value of Rural Land under Different Scenarios", (2010).

• Various Essays and contributions of studies on the value of rural land as well as the proposal and construction (together with the UNAM, April 2007) of the Specialty in Rural Valuation, through the INVAF and later of the CEIITVAL as well as in a personal way to publications in Mexico and South America.


• Creative participation, in management, or actively, in the research and publication work of CMIT for the Project "Integration of the Productive Chain of Criollo Cocoa and Fat Pepper". • Together with the UAAAN and the SEDATU, October 2016, of the Specialty in Mediation on Energy issues.