Social management

We start from the basic premise that a project should have the support of the local community as natural and main ally interested in the consolidation and operation.

At any stage in which we join a project that requires our intervention in the social sphere, we conduct sociological and socio-economic studies of the impacts generated by a project in the community.

In the case of the energy sector, we determine the social base line of a project, we integrate social impact assessments and design social management plans in accordance with current energy legislation.

In addition, we carry out the implementation of the initiatives that are part of social management plan (training, promotion of sports, health care, etc.) that promote the peaceful consolidation of land, full acceptance of the project in the community, and compliance with social responsibility standards set by our customers.

In cases where our customer requires support for land consolidation (release of right of way), before the beginning of its work with the owners, we conduct a legal analysis of the applicable legal provisions on the use of soil and land to ensure the feasibility of the project in terms of use and exploitation of the land.

  • Determination of the social baseline
  • Social Impact Assessment (Focus participatory, with special attention to respect and promotion of human rights)
  • Preparation of Management Plans
  • Implementation of Management Plans and social Initiatives (training, promotion of sports, medical assistance)
  • Compliance with standards of accountability social national and international
  • Indigenous Consultation
  • Consolidation of land
  • Release of right of way


Environmental management

We offer unique and novel alternative solution with technology that, based on technical, scientific and legal principles allow the integration of natural resources as an asset in a project.

We understand the environment as an element that must be protected, but at the same time should be put in a valuable creative way to join the profitability of our customers in the context of sustainable use of resources.

We perform analysis, monitoring plans and monitoring of environmental risks; audits, environmental impact assessments, technical and supporting studies for land use change; and design programs of reforestation, conservation, and management of natural resources.

When we join the environmental management of a project from the planning stage, we conduct environmental feasibility studies and land use of the land and zoning studies and characterization environment (baseline) for determining its legal feasibility and art in terms of environmental and land use.

We integrate a team of appropriate experts for each specific project and support our clients in the management during the evaluation and authorization procedures. We also support its operation through audit activities, environmental supervision and operation, ensuring compliance with legal conditions and regulations applicable to each case.

  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Technical Justification Study for Changing the Use of Forest Floor
  • Characterization Environmental Studies
  • Damage Studies
  • Environmental Audits
  • Environmental Risk Analysis
  • Conservation and Reforestation Programs
  • Programs for waste management and remediation of contaminated soils
  • Accident prevention programs and contingencies’ care
  • Comprehensive sustainability programs (consumption, energy, management of water and wastewater, waste, pollution to the atmosphere, noise)
  • Technical and laboratory studies to verify
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Environmental Due Diligence Phase 1, 2 and 3 (study of Environmental and Land Use Feasibility Environmental Site Assessment
  • Opinion of compliance with national and international environmental regulations (United States and the European Community)
  • Proceedings before the Environmental Protection Federal Attorney, and responsible bodies
  • Integration Consulting Licenses
  • Unique and environmental Bonds Annual Operation


Infrastructure management

We analyze the needs of infrastructure and public services projects (drinking and treated water, electricity, roads, etc.) and identify existing programs in government orders seeking subsidy schemes , financing or public-private partnerships that reduce costs investment of our customers

We identify common needs for additional infrastructure projects and the surrounding communities. We seek creative solutions so that they can be harnessed together and help to reduce the social impact of the project.

We conduct cost-benefit studies in accordance with the standards required by current regulations, and conduct negotiations with the competent authorities to obtain the necessary support.

  • Integration of cost-benefit studies
  • Schemes public-private participation
  • Community involvement programs