Mining is one of the most important economic fields in Mexico and this law firm holds substantial experience and knowledge of the industry.
Mining is a highly regulated industry that shall be properly treated since there are many aspects to be considered, such as, agrarian, tax, environmental, water, national security, and other general regulatory issues.

The legal services provided by the firm include the following:

• Incorporation of companies oriented to the pursuit of mining concessions and related property rights.

• Complying with foreign investment regulatory matters.

• Assistance in the procedure for obtaining concessions and negotiating all types of contracts related to projects in the area of mining.

• Consultancy in complying with Mining Law and dealing with all regulatory aspects in the field, such as, technical safety and environmental standards.

• Assistance in the payment of royalties.

• Dealing with property rights and agrarian issues that are subject to the provisions of agrarian law for the incorporation into private property.