We are highly specialized in commercial real estate transactions.

We understand the logic, timing and values of real estate transactions, this allows us to provide practical, reliable and appropriate solutions for a rapidly changing environment.

We provide an integrated service. The group of real estate lawyers in Ibáñez Parkman includes specialists in Tax Law, Corporate Law, Civil Law, Agricultural Law, Environmental Law, Administrative Law, including, of course, Litigation and Consulting related to the matters mentioned.
We determine in detail, the legal / accounting / financial to establish and develop the best, safest and most profitable transaction related to real estate.

 Our services are:

- Real Estate Development (Industrial plants, Office, Residential, Mixed Use, Tourism)
- Complex tax structures relating to Income Tax, Value Added Tax, Tax on Acquisition of Real Estate, Property Taxes, Rights. Applicable structures in Mexico and related to the Development and Investment between Mexico and the United States.
- Corporate Planning and Tax Incentives. Intra-corporate schemes (agreements between partners), Joint Ventures, Business Agreements, complex ownership structure, Trusts, Infrastructure Real Estate (fibers), Real Estate Companies (Sibra), Promoting Investment Corporation (SAPIs) , Multiple Purpose Financial Companies (Sofom)
- Financing and Guarantees in Real Estate transactions. Real Estate insurance.
- Assistance in obtaining governmental approvals and permits. Consulting in order to obtain Trust Restricted Area permit, concession for the use of beach area.
- Migratory, obtaining different migratory qualities best suited for different investors.
- Environmental, manifests of environmental impact, obtaining Certificates of Operation, Environmental Audits, fulfilled requirements presented by authorities, among others.
- Environmental Compliance regarding Lodging Centers
- Obtaining, controlling and supervising concessions related to the exploitation and use of drinking water, as well as rights related to the discharge charge.
- Legal structures for tourism development (Fractional ownership, Condo-Hotel, Timeshare, Individual Property, Trusts Restricted Zone, Condominium Regime).
- Preparation of internal legal structures for the operation of the developments (Rules of Procedure, Rules of Condominium).
- Conversion of “ejido” or communal property into private property.
- Exclusive use of beach fronts. Federal Government Awards.
- Representation for obtaining property development finance.
- Rentals and sales operations. "Sell and lease back."
- Mergers and divisions of land in general.
- Civil Litigation (lawsuits claim, positive prescription, termination / enforcement of contracts, annulments, property leasing, measures of survey and demarcation, etc.)
In administrative proceedings and protection (plans and urban development programs, closures, suspension of work, unconstitutional laws, expropriation, agriculture, etc.).
Tax matter disputes.