Ibáñez Parkman, S. C. has participated in various projects in the area of communications and telecommunications, especially in highways, satellites, telecommunication networks, data and telephone transmission services, through public bids, privatization processes, public and private projects, as well as by counseling private and governmental companies.

Ibáñez Parkman, S. C. has experience in projects related with aeronautical law, specifically in registrations and encumbrances of airplanes, obtaining assignments and authorizations to operate air routes and rendering of public air services, both domestic and international.


  • Legal counseling and support to obtain assignments, permits, licenses and all other authorizations, including network services, whether public or private, via satellite, BSAT, radio, pagers, cell phones, television (cable, coverage, channel distribution, systems), local or long distance telephone, information transmission, electronic trade and business.
  • Handling of procedures before the Ministry of Commerce and Industrial Development, before the Ministry of Communication and Transportation and before the Federal Telecommunication Commission.
  • Representation and defense with respect to the law on communication and transportation issues.
  • Advisory related with the radio and satellite regulations, as well as on the use of airways in general.
  • Counseling with respect to the legal framework for local calls, long distance calls and other services such as Internet and e-mail.
  • Counseling on the optimum structure for the development of telecommunication business.
  • Negotiation and preparation of agreements for the purpose of development, licenses, manufacturing and distribution of technology, related products and rendering of telecommunication services.
  • Agreements to protect industrial secrets and confidential information.
  • Agreements on publicity on Internet, development of ports, license of use, agreements to develop systems and software.
  • Counseling with respect to fees, crossed subsidies and administrative regulation in general.
  • Assignments and interconnections for public networks.
  • Shipment and passenger transportation agreements, including obtaining assignments and the defense of third parties involved.
  • Participation in bids.
  • Counseling on the legal framework on all type of maritime, navigation, vessels operations and on the transportation of goods and passage.
  • Freight, damages, salvages, as well as the acquisition of vessels, flagging and controversies in the event of collisions.